Trade and Investment

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The Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board is an independent administrative tribunal that reports to the Minister of Canadian Heritage and is responsible for certifying cultural property for income tax purposes, reviewing export permit applications that have been refused, and determining fair cash offers to purchase cultural property for refused export permits.

Cultural Sector Investment Review. Proposed new investments that could result in ownership and control of Canadian cultural businesses by foreign investors are the responsibility of Canadian Heritage under the Investment Canada Act and related regulations and guidelines. Such businesses include those involved in the publication, distribution or sale of books, magazines, periodicals, newspapers or music in print or machine readable form. Also covered are those involved in the production, distribution, sale or exhibition of film or video products or audio or video music recordings.

Trade Policy and Negotiations ensures cultural policies comply with international trade agreements, seeks to maintain the necessary flexibility to implement Canadian cultural policy within trade agreements, and works closely with Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada to develop trade policy and investment in Canada, and in international trade negotiations.