Conservation and Preservation

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The Canadian Conservation Institute was created in 1972 to promote the proper care and preservation of Canada's cultural heritage and to advance the practice, science, and technology of conservation so that Canada’s heritage collections can be accessed by current and future generations.

The Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN) is a special operating agency of the Departmental of Canadian Heritage. CHIN serves as a national centre of expertise to nearly 1,600 Canadian museums and other member heritage institutions across Canada, enabling them to connect with each other and their audiences through digital technologies.

The Movable Cultural Property Program supports the preservation of Canada’s artistic, historic and scientific heritage ensure that cultural property of outstanding significance and national importance remains in Canada.

Young Canada Works sponsors the summer program Young Canada Works in Heritage Organizations to improve participants’ skills while acquiring practical knowledge in areas of heritage preservation and conservation by working in a museum, archive, library, cultural centre or heritage site.

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