Human Rights

 Heading of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

What we do:

The mission of the Human Rights Program is to promote the awareness, understanding, respect for and enjoyment of human rights in Canada.

To accomplish this, the program undertakes educational and promotional activities involving the public, educators, non-governmental organizations, government departments and others. This includes distributing human rights publications upon request.

The program is also responsible for coordinating discussions with provincial and territorial governments on the ratification and the domestic implementation of international human rights instruments and the preparation of Canada's reports to the United Nations.  

Important Notice:

The Human Rights Program cannot consider complaints concerning individual cases of alleged human rights violations, and cannot give legal advice concerning such cases.

For questions concerning specific instances of possible cases of discriminatory or unequal treatment as defined in the Canadian Human Rights Act, please consult the Canadian Human Rights Commission. For cases arising under provincial or territorial human rights legislation, please consult your provincial or territorial human rights agency.