Mandate and Priorities

The Canadian Heritage Portfolio includes the Department and our major national cultural institutions. We work together to promote culture, the arts, heritage, official languages, citizenship and participation as well as Aboriginal, youth and sport initiatives.

Program Activity Architecture

While sectors and branches make up the Department’s organization structure, our core business and activities are based on a Program Activity Architecture (PAA). Canadian Heritage’s PAA is built on three pillars, culture, identity and sport.

The PAA essentially represents what we do at Canadian Heritage. It shows how a department allocates and manages its resources and how various program activities and sub-activities are linked to strategic outcomes.

Results for Canadians

Canadian Heritage’s objectives and the results achieved are available in two main public reports.

The Report on Plans and Priorities is the expenditure plan for the Department. It provides details on main priorities, human resource requirements, major capital projects, grants and contributions, and net program costs.

The Departmental Performance Report tells us what results were achieved following the expectations set out in the Report on Plans and Priorities.