Business Innovation

The Government of Canada announced a series of new measures to promote Canadian history. This includes the Canada Periodical Fund that will support and provide access to history periodicals and history-related projects through its Business Innovation (BI) component.

Priority will be given to projects that encourage magazine readers to explore historical moments that helped define Canada. Eligible projects may include but are not limited to the development of special issues and new history-related features, as well as digital initiatives such as mobile content or apps around 2017 milestones and social media contests for youth.

How to apply

Please ensure to follow the appropriate application instructions, as outlined in the Business Innovation Applicant's Guide 2015-2016.

The program will give priority to history-related projects. When submitting an application:

  • Please write "History" in capital letters next to the title of your project in Box 1 of appendix B.
  • All elements/activities related to history must be clearly identified in the Project description in Box 3 of appendix B.

To find out more about this modification, please contact us.

Business Innovation offers support for projects to eligible small and mid-sized printed magazine and digital periodical publishers. This component encourages innovation to adapt to changing market conditions and contributes to the diversity of content sought by Canadian readers.

For more detailed program information including eligibility criteria, please see: Business Innovation Applicant's Guide (2015-2016) [PDF Version, 460 KB]

Before completing the following forms and sending in your application, read the Business Innovation Applicant's Guide carefully, including the definitions to ensure that you meet the CPF and Business Innovation objectives, eligibility criteria and funding conditions.

If problems occur while accessing the forms, please contact us by email at or by phone at 1 866-811-0055 (toll free in Canada).

Application forms

Business Innovation for Print Periodicals

Business Innovation for Digital Periodicals

Application deadline

It is recommended to submit your application at least four months prior to the project start date. Failure to do so may lead to your project not being considered for funding.


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