Strategic Fund

The aim of Strategic Fund is to enhance the vitality of official-language minority communities through major projects and/or strategic initiatives for the purpose of:

  • improving the community living spaces (establishing community meeting places, cultural programs and events, community radio, and others);
  • having an impact on several communities (preferably in more than one province or territory);
  • developing new areas of intervention;
  • encouraging the concerted effort and cooperation of several partners.
  1. Cooperation Framework
  2. Eligible recipients
  3. Eligible expenditures
  4. Calendar
  5. Content of application
  6. Evaluation criteria
  7. Funding terms
  8. Acknowledgement of the Government of Canada’s contribution
  9. How to apply

I. Cooperation Framework

Investments will be made directly to the organizations in the form of contributions or grants.

Investments for projects conducted by provincial and territorial governments and their creations will be made through federal-provincial/territorial cooperation agreements.

II. Eligible recipients

Canadian not-for-profit organizations, as legally defined, associations, professional institutions and provincial and territorial governments.

III. Eligible expenditures

Eligible expenditures include, but are not limited to:

  • costs to set up, deliver and monitor projects that help ensure the long-term development of official-language minority communities in priority sectors.

The following expenditures are not eligible:

  • expenditures related to activities with an international dimension.

IV. Calendar 

Applications for funding may be submitted at any time during the fiscal year. Applications are considered, on average and as needed, every two months.

V. Content of application

  • Linkages with the objectives of the Strategic Fund sub-component:
    • Official-language issue(s) that led the organization to submit an application (An official-language issue is defined as what fosters or restricts the use of the minority language).
    • What must be changed, improved or maintained?
  • Description of the proposed project and of its innovative nature.
  • Clear statement of expected outcomes, with performance indicators for the entire project.
  • Linkages with the community’s development priorities or with the sector of intervention, if any.
  • Implementation schedule.
  • Budget including breakdowns of the projected expenditures and the sources of financial contributions for the proposed project.
  • If applicable, any measures taken with regard to the communication and outreach activities to the other official-language group.

VI. Evaluation criteria

  • Linkages with the objectives of the Strategic Fund sub‑component.
  • Relevance of issues presented in terms of community vitality.
  • Relevance of the proposed activities in relation to issues raised.
  • Linkages with the community’s development priorities or of the sector of intervention, if any.
  • Diversification of funding sources and quality of cooperation with other public or private partners.
  • Projected outcomes and impact on the community.
  • Relevance of proposed performance measurements.
  • Correlation between budget and projected activities.
  • Contribution to increased inclusiveness of official-language minority communities, if applicable.

Funding decisions are based on the aforementioned criteria and available funds. All funding decisions are the prerogative of the Minister of Canadian Heritage.

VII. Funding terms

The Department provides funding to successful applicants in the form of grants or contributions and establishes the reporting requirements and terms and conditions of payment. Multi-year funding may be provided in some cases.

The funding mechanism (grant or contribution) will be chosen based on the proposal's level of risk and on the criteria established by the Department.

The Department will assume no responsibility for any contractual commitments entered into by the Applicant prior to confirmation of financial support from the Department.

VIII. Acknowledgment of the Government of Canada's contribution

Public acknowledgment is a condition when receiving financial assistance from the Government of Canada. Recipients are required to acknowledge the contribution from the Department in accordance with the Guidelines for acknowledging funding from Canadian Heritage.

IX. How to apply

Applicants who wish to apply for funding under the Strategic Fund sub-component must use the Application Guide and Application Form. For more information, applicants can contact the Official Languages Support Programs of Canadian Heritage at our national headquarters or one of our regional and district offices.