Enhancement of Official Languages Program

Service Delivery Standards for this funding program.

The Enhancement of Official Languages Program is designed to foster among Canadians a greater understanding and appreciation of the benefits of linguistic duality. Through partnerships and agreements with provinces, territories and non-governmental organizations in support of second-language learning, and initiatives fostering mutual understanding between English- and French-speaking Canadians, this program brings Canadians to recognize and support linguistic duality as a fundamental value of Canadian society.


  • Promotion of Linguistic Duality
    • funding of activities to enhance linguistic duality;
    • funding of activities to encourage the offer of services in both official languages.
  • Second-Language Learning
    • assistance to the provinces and territories for second-language teaching;
    • granting of bursaries and monitor positions for improving second-language skills;
    • funding of activities to support second-language learning;
    • summer employment under Young Canada Works.