Canada Cultural Investment Fund

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Service standards for this funding program.

Over the long-term, projects supported through the Canada Cultural Investment Fund are intended to contribute to the organizational, administrative and financial health of arts and heritage organizations.  This is achieved through support for initiatives intended to diversify revenue streams, strengthen management capacities and ensure that arts and heritage organizations are supported in their communities for the contribution they make.  The program has three components that work together in achieving these objectives: Endowment Incentives, Strategic Initiatives and Limited Support to Endangered Arts Organizations.

Endowment Incentives

Through the Endowment Incentives component, the Government of Canada is encouraging arts organizations to build new revenue streams.  Canadians are encouraged to support the arts by providing donations to an arts organization’s endowment fund.  The government provides a funding incentive for these donations.  To date, 181 artistic organizations have received matching funds.

Strategic Initiatives

Strategic Initiatives provides financial assistance for projects involving multiple partners that will help arts and heritage organizations strengthen their management abilities, make strategic use of new technologies and diversify their revenues. By supporting collaborative projects, Strategic Initiatives encourages knowledge and resource sharing that will improve the business operations of arts and heritage organizations and help them make stronger contributions to Canadian society and the economy; and that will advance cultural development at the local level. To date, 56 projects have been approved for an amount of close to $13 million.

Limited Support to Endangered Arts Organizations

This component was established for those rare instances where a professional arts organization faces the prospect of closure but there is a high degree of support for its continuation and a viable business/restructuring plan.  In specific circumstances, assistance is available under this component to enable an arts organization to restructure in order to ensure it can continue to contribute to the community it is serving.