Strategic Initiatives

Service standards for this funding program.


Strategic Initiatives provides financial assistance for projects involving multiple partners that will help arts and heritage organizations strengthen their management abilities, make strategic use of new technologies and diversify their revenues. By supporting collaborative projects, Strategic Initiatives encourages knowledge and resource sharing that will improve the business operations of arts and heritage organizations and help them make stronger contributions to Canadian society and the economy; and that will advance cultural development at the local level.

Who can apply

To be eligible an applicant must:

  • be a professional non-profit organization, association, institution, or foundation incorporated under the Canada Corporations Act, Part II or provincial or territorial legislation, or a First Nations, Inuit or Métis organization;
    • administered by an active board of directors, working professionally and continuously for three years prior to the application date;
    • with a mandate related to the arts or heritage sector; and
    • with activities and programs that include the arts or heritage;


  • be a postsecondary education institution or a heritage organization created by another level of government:
    • with distinct objectives, programs and budgets related to the arts or heritage;


  • employ the equivalent of at least two full-time employees; and
  • not have an accumulated deficit of 15% or more over total revenue for the previous year.

Application process

Step 1: Letter of Intent

An organization interested in receiving funding under Strategic Initiatives must first submit an overview of the proposed project.

The Department will evaluate the Letter of Intent before inviting the organization to submit a Detailed Application.

Before submitting a Letter of Intent, please contact a CCIF Program Officer to discuss the nature of the project.


Please contact us for further information.

Step 2: Detailed Application

Strategic Initiatives will invite only those organizations whose proposals have been recommended to submit Detailed Applications.

The deadline for submitting the Detailed Application will be specified in the invitation letter. Each organization will have at least two months to submit the necessary documents.

Please note that an invitation to submit a Detailed Application does not guarantee approval of the project at Step 2.


To contact us

For additional information do not hesitate to contact us by writing or by telephone.


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