Federal-Provincial-Territorial Culture/Heritage and Tourism Initiative (FPTTI)

In 2003, Federal-Provincial/Territorial Ministers responsible for Culture and Heritage launched the Federal-Provincial/Territorial Culture/Heritage and Tourism Initiative (FPTTI). The Initiative aims to increase understanding and strengthen the ties between the culture/heritage sector and stakeholders in the field of tourism. The FPTTI also promotes understanding that the support of Canada’s culture/heritage and the sustainability of tourism are mutually reinforcing. The Initiative is currently co-chaired by the provinces of Alberta and New Brunswick. Canadian Heritage has been the secretariat for the FPTTI since 2003.

In 2010, FPT Ministers reaffirmed their support of the Initiative, and agreed to recognize the FPTTI as an ongoing activity of the Culture and Heritage Table. The FPTTI is focussed on the following objective:

  • Undertaking projects that provide the capacity to better understand and demonstrate the linkage between the support and promotion of cultural activities and tourism revenues; and
  • Demonstrating the relationship between the promotion and support of culture and the long-term economic viability of the tourism industry.