Acts and Regulations

The Department of Canadian Heritage is responsible for following acts and regulations, maintaining service standards, as well as maintaining a forward regulatory plan in anticipation of any regulatory changes or actions that the department intends to bring forward or undertake in a specified time frame.

Proactive Disclosure

Find information on Canadian Heritage’s proactive disclosure, including travel and hospitality expenses, contracts over $10,000, position reclassifications, grants and contributions over $25,000, and any disclosures of wrong doing.  

Access to Information and Privacy

On the Canadian Heritage Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) web page, find instructions on how to make a request for records held by the Department of Canadian Heritage, view the list of completed requests processed under the Access to Information Act, or browse departmental information holdings in Info Source.


The Department of Canadian Heritage is committed to listening to the voices and views of Canadians, and to including them in decision making processes. Public consultation activities are undertaken on a regular basis across the department on a wide range of important issues that affect Canadians on a daily basis.