Accountability – Performance Measurement, Evaluation and Audit

The 2005 Management Framework for the Official Languages Program derives from the collective accountability requirement associated with the 2003 Accountability and Coordination Framework for Official Languages, and focuses the management of official languages on results.

It confirms the governance structure that controls all sectors of activity as well as performance measurements that link these different aspects, and it brings together the underlying indicators and data. Under no circumstances does it replace the performance measurement system of each institution; each department or agency remains in charge of evaluating in detail the initiative for which it is responsible, and ontinues to be accountable to central agencies as currently required.

Presently, 32 federal institutions have the obligation, under the 1994 Accountability Framework, to present an action plan on the implementation of Section 41 of the Act, and an annual achievement report, to the Department of Canadian Heritage; the Minister for La Francophonie and Official Languages must report on this to Parliament.

Furthermore, since the need to document the ways of implementing Section 41 applies to all federal government institutions, the accountability tools of the institution become preferred tools to describe the initiatives that have an impact on the Official Languages Program. Thus, the institutions can use these tools to determine in a concrete way to what extent they contribute to fully respecting the requirements of the Act as regards official language minority communities and fostering full recognition and use of both English and French in Canadian society. The results achieved may be included in their annual performance report and can be used in the Management Framework.

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