Accountability and Coordination Framework

The Official Languages Secretariat (OLS) coordinates the implementation of the Roadmap for Canada's Linguistic Duality 2008-2013: Acting for the Future(the Roadmap) through its Accountability and Coordination Framework initiative. This Framework is of particular importance because it encompasses all Roadmap initiatives.

This initiative enhances horizontal coordination of the Official Languages Program (OLP), for instance, by ensuring the Roadmap's success. To accomplish this, as well as to set the OLP's strategic directions, the OLS promotes a coordinated government action by facilitating interdepartmental cooperation. Also, it supports the Roadmap's partner departments and agencies by providing them with tools and advice in the implementation of their initiatives. The OLS also enhances accountability for the partners by overseeing their commitments and obligations as set out in the Horizontal Results-Based Management and Accountability Framework. Lastly, it coordinates research initiatives with respect to official languages.