Own the Podium

Own the Podium (OTP) is a partnership between the major national funding partners for high performance sport in Canada: Sport Canada, the Canadian Olympic Committee(COC) and the Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC).

OTP supports Canada's National Sport Organizations(NSOs) in their goal to increase medal counts by Canadian athletes at Olympic and Paralympic Summer and Winter Games. Its role, as an advisory body, is to make funding recommendations to the national funding partners based on expert analysis and to help NSOs implement their technical programs. Finally, OTP will work with Sport Canada to monitor NSOs' implementation of their high performance programs to ensure maximum performance results.

As an advisory body, OTP makes recommendations to the funding partners on close to $70 million in existing funding from government and non-government sources to support winter and summer sport excellence in Olympic and Paralympic sports. The Canadian Olympic Committee provides administrative support to OTP.

OTP represents a new way of achieving high performance sport objectives. Pooled resources, expert based decision making, and targeted sport funding are just a few of the defining characteristics of OTP that will help Canada achieve its international performance objectives.