Organization of sport in Canada

The Canadian Sport System

The sport system in Canada is made up of a number of organizations that provide sport programming and services at the national, provincial/territorial and municipal level. These groups serve either individual sports (single sport organizations), or cater to numerous sports sharing common needs (multisport service organization). Basketball Canada would be an example of the former, while the Coaching Association of Canada or the Canadian Wheelchair Sport Association are examples of the latter. These organizations receive financial support from governments, according to the scope of their programs and services. For example, a local amateur swim club may be funded by the municipality and participant fees, whereas the organization responsible for the national swim team competing internationally would be eligible to receive federal government funding. National sport organizations also obtain corporate financing through sponsorship agreements and generate revenue themselves through other sources including fund-raising and membership fees.

National Sport Organizations (NSOs) are members of International Federations (IFs) that establish the rules of the sport and, among other things, determine where their respective international competitions will be held. National Games Organizations, such as the Canadian Olympic Association, belong to international games organizations like the International Olympic Committee, which are the franchise holders for major games.

Sport Community


* Also includes associations with athletes with disabilities (e.g. Canadian Blind Sport Association)

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