The Canadian Sport Policy 2012

The Canadian Sport Policy 2012 sets a direction for the period 2012-2022 for all governments, institutions and organizations committed to realizing the positive impacts of sport on individuals, communities and society. 

The 2012 Policy builds on the success of the 2002 version, the first-ever intergovernmental policy for sport, which was endorsed by the Federal, Provincial/Territorial (F-P/T) Ministers responsible for sport in Iqaluit, Nunavut, in April 2002.  The 2002 version provided a pan-Canadian vision and framework for sport and formed the basis for the Government of Canada’s Physical Activity and Sport Act (2003).

Sport Canada worked in collaboration with provincial/territorial governments and sport sector leaders in carrying out the CSP Renewal Process over the period 2010-12.  This included an unprecedented level of consultations with the Canadian public, government officials, sport stakeholders, and representatives of related sectors at the local, community, provincial/territorial, and national levels.

These consultations encompassed more than 50 in-person meetings across Canada, including outreach to specific groups such as women, persons with a disability, Aboriginal people, ethno-cultural communities, and official language minority communities.  An E-Survey also resulted in more than 3,300 responses from more than 800 organizations and 2,500 individuals.

The Canadian Sport Policy 2012 was endorsed by Federal, Provincial and Territorial Ministers responsible for sport, physical activity and recreation, including Canada’s Minister of State (Sport), in Inuvik, North West Territories, on June 27, 2012.

A desired outcome of Canadian Sport Policy 2012 is that both the number and diversity of Canadians participating in sport will increase over the timeframe of 2012-2022.  CSP 2012 sets out 5 broad objectives:

  • INTRODUCTION TO SPORT:  Canadians have the fundamental skills, knowledge and attitudes to participate in organized and unorganized sport.
  • RECREATIONAL SPORT:  Canadians have the opportunity to participate in sport for fun, health, social interaction and relaxation.
  • COMPETITIVE SPORT:  Canadians have the opportunity to systematically improve and measure their performance against others in competition in a safe and ethical manner.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE SPORT:  Canadians are systematically achieving world-class results at the highest levels of international competition through fair and ethical means.
  • SPORT FOR DEVELOPMENT:  Sport is used as a tool for social and economic development, and the promotion of positive values at home and abroad.

Read the full text of the Canadian Sport Policy 2012 on the Sport Information Resource Centre Web site.

Archived Versions of the 2002 version are also available on our Web site in HTML and PDF Format 


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