Sport Component

Participating at the Games of La Francophonie provides athletes with a unique opportunity to showcase their talent on an international level and distinguish themselves in high-performance sport like Antoine Valois-Fortier (Nice, 2013), Bruny Surin (Ottawa-Hull, 2001) and Chantal Petitclerc (Paris, 1994) have done in the past. For some of the athletes of Team Canada, the Games of La Francophonie represent their debut in international competition. The following disciplines are on the program of the VIII Games:

  • Athletics (Men/Women, 18-35 yrs)
  • Para-Athletics (Men/Women, 18-35 yrs)
  • Football / soccer (men under 20)
  • Basketball (women, 18-25 yrs)
  • Wrestling (freestyle) (Men/Women, 18-30 yrs)
  • African Wrestling (Men/Women, 18-30 yrs)
  • Judo (Men/Women, 18-25 yrs)
  • Table Tennis (Men/Women, 18-21 yrs)
  • Cycling (road race) (demonstration sport) (Men, 18-24 yrs / Women, 18-35 yrs)

Read the news release about the athletes who were selected for Team Canada 2013.

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