Manitoba (MB)

Flag of Manitoba

Act of Legislature assented to May 11, 1965
Queen Elizabeth II's approval of use of Royal Union flag given on August 27, 1965
Flag raised on May 12, 1966

Arms of Manitoba

Royal Warrant of King Edward VII, May 10, 1905
Gazetted, September 23, 1905
Augmented of crest, supporters and motto by Warrant of Governor General Ramon John Hnatyshyn, Governor General of Canada
Gazetted, December 5, 1992.

Prairie Crocus

In Manitoba, the prairie crocus, or anemone patens (Pulsatilla ludoviciana), also known as the pasque-flower, the windflower - because of its furry petals - sometimes called the gosling plant, was officially adopted in 1906. Interest had first been aroused by the Manitoba Horticultural Society. A subsequent vote amongst schoolchildren put the crocus in first place, the prairie lily second and the wild rose third.

Other symbols:

The Manitoba tartan, the white spruce and the great gray owl.

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