New Brunswick (NB)

Flag of New Brunswick

Royal Warrant of Queen Victoria, May 26, 1868
assigning Arms and Banner Flag design proclaimed by the Lieutenant Governor, February 24, 1965

Arms of New Brunswick

Royal Warrant of Queen Victoria , May 26, 1868
Gazetted, November 16, 1869
Augmented of crest and motto by Order of the Lieutenant Governor in Council in 1966
Augmented of supporters by Royal Warrant of Queen Elizabeth II,
September 24, 1984
Gazetted, February 8, 1985

Purple Violet

In New Brunswick, the purple violet, (Viola palmata, var, cucullata) was officially adopted in 1936. The agencies active in this choice were the Women's Institutes, the Lieutenant Governor and finally the schoolchildren.

Other symbols:

The New Brunswick tartan, the balsam fir, the black-capped chickadee and the Picture Province.

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