Saskatchewan (SK)

Flag of Saskatchewan

Act of Legislature assented to March 31, 1969
Proclaimed by the Lieutenant Governor on
September 22, 1969

Arms of Saskatchewan

Royal Warrant of King Edward VII, August 25, 1906
Gazetted, October 13, 1906
Augmented of crest, supporters and motto by Royal Warrant of Queen Elizabeth II (signed by Governor General Jeanne Sauvé),
September 16, 1986
Gazetted, October 4, 1986

Western Red Lily

In Saskatchewan, the orange-red lily (Lilium philadelphicum L. var. Andinum), also known as the prairie lily, was officially adopted in 1941. The suggestion was made by the Saskatchewan Natural History Society to a special committee that had been set up to consider the matter. In 1945 the prairie chicken, or sharp-tailed grouse, was declared a provincial emblem. The association of animal emblems, with other provinces (e.g., the bison or buffalo in Manitoba) is usually the result of these animals appearing on the provincial coat of arms.

Other symbols:

The Saskatchewan District tartan (registered with the Court of the Lord Lyon, King of Arms of Scotland, 1961), the white birch, wheat (sheaf) and the sharp-tailed grouse.

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