Standards of the Provinces

Since 1980, a series of new personal standards has been approved by the Governor General which bears the shield of arms of the Province, circled with ten gold maple leaves and surmounted by a royal crown, on a field of blue. This design had been agreed upon at a lieutenant governors' conference and each Province requested in turn that the design be authorized by the Governor General. Quebec and Nova Scotia have not adopted the new design.

The personal standard is flown at the residence and from the flagpoles of buildings wherein official duties are carried out (it is not flown inside a building, in a dining hall for example, but outside to indicate the presence of the Lieutenant Governor on the premises). However, it is customary to place the personal standard in the Lieutenant Governor's study.

The standard is flown from the Legislative Building when the Lieutenant Governor is present for the opening of the Legislature, the granting of royal assent, and the prorogation of the session; the standard also flies on the Legislative Building when the Lieutenant Governor has his/her office in that building.

The standard is never flown on a church or inside a church.

The standard is never lowered to half-mast. On the death of a lieutenant governor, the standard is taken down, until a successor is sworn in.

The standard of the Lieutenant Governor has precedence over any other flags, including the national flag of Canada. The Queen's Personal Canadian flag has precedence over the Lieutenant Governor's standard; the Lieutenant Governor's personal standard will have precedence over the Governor General's personal standard when the Governor General is a guest of the Province. The Lieutenant Governor being The Queen's representative at the head of the Province, the Lieutenant Governor's standard has precedence over the standard of a member of the Royal Family (other than The Queen).

The Administrator of the Government of the province is entitled to fly the standard when performing the duties of the office.

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