Criteria for Employers for International Internships YCW at Building Careers in Heritage

1) General Project Goals:

  • heritage objectives
  • benefits for student, institution, community, region, country

2) Project Planning

  • project clearly defined (objectives & measurable outcomes)
  • clear job description & work plan (tasks & timelines)

3) Skill Development

  • development of specialized career-related skills & employability (concrete examples)
  • hands-on, rewarding work experience
  • opportunities for networking with professionals

4) Job parameters

  • candidate profile clearly defined
  • appropriate salary and living allowance

5) Recruitment

  • balanced selection and interview process planned
  • provisions for job equity groups
  • job poster provided

6) Orientation & Supervision

  • skill assessment & development plan for intern planned
  • proper preparation prior to departure (visa requirements, insurance, info provided to intern)
  • plan to monitor intern’s work while abroad
  • appropriate supervision & professional support (training, coaching, mentoring, follow-ups, performance evaluation, etc.)
  • action plan to help support transition to job market during & after internship

7) Budget

  • complete estimates & coherent justification
  • employer’s financial and in-kind contribution (25% to 50%)
  • other sources of funding

8) Specific criteria (to be assessed by delivery organization)