About Interdepartmental Relations and Accountability

The federal government fulfills its mandate of promoting the development of the official-language minority communities (Anglophones in Quebec and Francophones outside Quebec) through interdepartmental relations and accountability. Section 41 of the Official Languages Act commits the federal government to enhancing the vitality of the English and French official-language minority communities of Canada and to fostering the full recognition and use of both English and French in Canadian society. Section 42 gives the Minister of Canadian Heritage the mandate to promote a coordinated approach to the implementation of this commitment.

The government designated some thirty federal institutions because of their importance to the development of the official-language minority communities and the promotion of official languages. Each institution has designated a resource person, and regional coordinators in several cases. These federal institutions consult the minority communities to learn about their development priorities, and proceed to draw up an annual or multi-year action plan to illustrate their intentions to support the communities and promote official languages. They also produce reports on results status reports to demonstrate their progress in these areas. Each year, the Minister of Canadian Heritage publishes the Annual Report on Official Languages, setting out the Department's results accomplishments in this area as well as those of the other designated federal institutions.

Interdepartmental Relations and Accountability

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