Draft Guidelines on Notifications

Supplementary Information - Notification to Establish a New or Acquire Control of an Existing Canadian Cultural Business

This document contains suggestions on supplementary information that would be helpful to the Department of Canadian Heritage in processing Notifications to establish a new or acquire an existing Canadian cultural business. The aim is to ensure that the government has more thorough information on which to base a decision to review or not to review an investment. Although the information is not required for certification purposes, it would provide a more complete set of facts about the investment for the department to consider, and could potentially reduce the number of reviews undertaken by the department.

The Investor – Boxes 1-4

Please note that if there is more than one investor and/or controller, information should be provided for each investor/controller. In addition, please include:

  • any website addresses pertaining to the investor(s);
  • any website or email addresses pertaining to the controller(s); and
  • in the case of more than one controller, please describe how control is shared.

The Investment – Boxes 5-7:

When noting the country of origin and implementation date of the investment, please also:

  • indicate if there are any other filings concerning the investment (e.g. at Industry Canada); and
  • describe any other factors or significant milestones that may affect deadlines (e.g. deadlines associated with share purchase options).

The Canadian Business Being Acquired or Established – Boxes 8-14

Please include the following, where applicable:

  • Section 8-9: any website or email addresses of the Canadian business, as well as all street addresses in the case of multiple locations;
  • Section 10: an elaboration on the exact business activity and a description of the nature of the principal clients served by the Canadian business. Please also indicate whether the Canadian business activity is undertaken in the online environment, the physical environment, or both. If film distribution is an activity, please indicate whether proprietary and/or third party product is distributed. Indicate whether any cultural products are produced independently or in conjunction with another product (e.g. a book on computer usage sold with a computer). Where possible, please provide a sample of all types of publications, especially periodicals;
  • Section 12 (Acquisition only): number of staff by location;
  • Section 13 (Acquisition only): if the Canadian business is entirely cultural, please provide a breakdown of the assets for each cultural activity if possible. If the Canadian business is engaged in both cultural and non-cultural activities, please provide figures for total assets and cultural assets. If possible, a further breakdown of the assets of each cultural activity would be helpful.
  • Section 14 (Establishment only): if the investment is a single-purpose film production, please provide a statement indicating this, and provide an estimate of the number of Canadians expected to be involved in the production, as well as the approximate total Canadian production budget.

Canadian Cultural Heritage or National Identity – Box 15

In this section, please elaborate on the business activities that the Canadian investment falls within, including:

  • the approximate percentage of revenue that results from each cultural activity, and the importance of this cultural activity towards the overall revenues of the investor or of the Canadian business; and
  • how this cultural investment will relate to other cultural and/or non-cultural business activities of the investor or of the Canadian business, if relevant;
  • if activity is book retail, please provide the proportion of retail space used for/revenue derived from the sale of books.

Please provide the supplementary information on a separate document appended to the notification form.