Ways to Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Flag!

February 15, 2015 marks the 50th anniversary of the national flag. This special day is an opportunity to celebrate the people, accomplishments, history, institutions and values that have helped shape our national identity.

Wherever you live, why not join with family and friends to mark National Flag of Canada Day in a way that is most meaningful to your community.

Participate in the Flag Day initiatives organized in your region or organize your own activities in which all members of the community can be included. Here are some ideas for activities:

  • Organize a singing of our national anthem or a flag raising ceremony at your school or municipality and invite veterans from your local legion or distinguished community volunteers to participate.
  • Draw or paint a mural at your school or community centre based on a National Flag of Canada theme.
  • Invite your community newspapers or television stations to cover your event so that your friends and neighbours can see how you celebrate Flag Day. The media can promote awareness and community spirit, call attention to your upcoming special event and help to showcase your achievements.
  • Your Boy Scout or Girl Guide troop, or other community organizations, can hold a poetry-writing or poster design contest that focuses on the flag. The entries could then be exhibited.
  • Combine your celebration of the flag's birthday with a celebration of the Canadian winter season. Wave your flag at your community winter festival, have your coach hand out Canada flag pins to your sports team, or organize a snow-sculpting party in your local park around your flag theme.
  • Ask your municipal officials to designate February 15 as National Flag of Canada Day in your community. Perhaps they could even host an event, such as the singing "O Canada" or a flag raising ceremony.
  • Have a bake or craft sale with a National Flag of Canada theme and donate the earnings to a local charity.

Organize a social media campaign to promote your event! Make new connections and keep track of your new followers!

Be sure to post your plans, images and stories of your Flag Day activities on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr (#FLAG50).