In responding to the four items of the audit recommendation, management committed to implementing additional controls (included in the management responses) that were assessed through this audit.
Throughout the audit fieldwork, the audit team observed improvements made by the Program in fully implementing the four items of the audit recommendation and in implementing their management responses to these items.  The following are some noted examples:

  • The Program has clarified the categories of eligible expenses;
  • The Program has updated the Briefing Book and has added additional clarifications which were communicated to the Lieutenant Governors (e.g. support for social and charitable causes, the funding campaigns, gifts given and received and the tax treatment); and
  • The Program has implemented the voluntary proactive disclosure and has publicly made available the spending of federal designated grants.

The audit team also identified areas where management could improve on the implementation of the management responses to two of the four items of the audit recommendation. The Executive Director, Major Events and Celebrations should continue implementing the management response to the audit recommendation by:

  • obtaining confirmation from the Lieutenant Governors whether the bank account used for direct deposit is an office account and whether the bank account is separate from the provincial financing; and
  • respecting timelines in accounting publicly for the use of funds provided to the Lieutenant Governors.

Management Comments
The Lieutenant Governors audited financial statements are produced by their respective government. Some governments are not able to meet the June 1 deadline as they produce the audited financial statements in the following weeks. Therefore, the program has convened with the Lieutenant Governors' representatives that reports will now be made available before September 30.  All reports were made available before September 1.

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